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EPS Concrete with Polifil

EPS concrete


E.P.S Styrofoam granular mortar — concrete additive. It forms a bond between Styrofoam granules and cement mortar. It creates air bubbles in the cement mortar accumulated in the space between granules and reduces cement consumption. Air bubbles provide good resistance due to crystallization on the inner wall of cement mortar covering the surface. Prepared with Polifil which is Styrofoam granular concrete can breathes, does not perspiration, does not hold moisture. It ensures long life of concrete.

Fields of Application

  • Floor Screed.

  • Block panel production.

  • Block brick production.

  • On-site cast wall production.

  • Lintel and Slab production.

  • Heat insulation plaster for exterior wall.

  • It can be used as all kinds of filling and insulation concrete.


Technical Data

Structure:  of thematerialHerbal resin based

Color: Light brown

Density: 1,05 kg/lt

PH: 6 - 7

Chlorinecontent (EN 480 -10 ): %<0,1


  • Does not make dust from concrete surface.

  • Concrete surface is hard and resistant.

  • Styrofoam does not up surface.

  • There is no need to cover the floor screed surface with concrete.

  • Ceramic, tiles, stone, Parquet can be bonded easily.

  • Styrofoam concrete does not crash under heavy load.



Producing EPS based foamed Concrete

Add water and Put in the Styrofoam granules in the mixer. Add the amount of Polifil then add cement and mix with 60rpm mixer. Its ready to use when you see foaming. The drying time is same as normal concrete.


  • In 30 kg drums

  • In 1000 kg plastic tank


Must be stored in original packing. Before using mixed by mechanical methods until it becomes homogenous. Must be keeping against to direct sunshine

Shelf Life

Must be stored at room temperature as closed shelf life 2 years. Under appropriate storage conditions opened packages can be used through out the shelf life if the package cover is well closed.

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