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CLC Concrete with Genfil

clc block


It is a type of light cell concrete produced by the homogeneous placement of the stable foam obtained by the foam producer to the concrete. During the production process, no chemical reaction is observed except for cement hydration. GENFIL foaming agent is an organic-based, enzyme-based natural material and has no harmful side to human health.

Density: 250 kg / m3, - 1600 kg / m3
Thermal conductivity (d: 10 cm): 0.065-1 wt / MK
Fire resistance: DIN 4102 class 

For lightweight concrete production

GENFİL: Foaming agent
Cement: Portland Cement 32,5 - 42,5 - 52,5
Sand and Filling materials: optional
Water: Creating cement mortar
Foam generator: GENFIL agent Shot Blasting Machine
To mix mortar: Mixer
Mortar or Concrete pump: Horizontal and Vertical conveyor

Cellular Lightweight Concrete


1-) For the production of lightweight concrete with thermal insulation.
2-) For the production of heat-insulated light bricks, briquettes, block bricks, lintels, hollow blocks, and wall panels.
3-) For the production of heat and sound insulation floor screed.
4-) fiber reinforced concrete, filling concrete for thermal insulation purposes.
5-) For the production of lightweight structural elements using cement and fly ash.
6-) For the production of lightweight tiles and ceramics.
7-) In the basement floors of buildings, for sub-floor concrete for thermal insulation.
8-) Light filling concrete to prevent collapses around the structure.
9-) For the production of porous filler concrete for groundwater discharge.
10-) For filling concrete preventing frost on the bridge and bridge path.
11-) For lightweight concrete production for tunnel and well-filling purposes.
12-) For filling concrete in airports.
13-) For the production of the lightweight concrete underground in buildings or gardens.
14-) For the production of thermally insulated lightweight floors and walls in steel construction systems.
15-) It is used for the production of prefabricated buildings and for the production of ready-made walls.

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