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GenoPer ®

Prepared Dry Mix  insulating Lightweight Plaster


GenoPer® is a Cement and Perlite mixing with Powder foam agent as prepared plaster. Produced as (300 - 350 kgs/m3) heat and sound insulated, lightweight plaster.

The binding cement of heat conduction its value is high. Using cement with perlite that obtained gaps between the ties are created. Perlite generates cells which are expanded cement surface and reduce cement consumption.

Perlite plaster mixing with Genocell powder foam agent, Genocell powder foam agent are creates micro cell, to be easy processed, successfully adhesion to wall surface.


What’s Perlite

Perlite is a natural stone as expanded under high heat.

Perlite has a porous structure, high heat and sound insulation properties. Perlite at 24 degrees Celsius thermal conductivity: 0.04 W/m2K, the same temperature stone wool thermal conductivity: 0.037 W/m2K has been identified as. Therefore, it has been found that the insulating property is excellent. Such as insulated mortar with cement and plaster with perlite is guaranteed to be.


Fields of Application

  • Insulated laightweight concrete production

  • Insulated lightweight blocks, bricks, Wall panel production

  • Heat and noise insulated floor screed

  • Non loadbearing wall panel

  • Cement or Gypsum based board

  • Filling to prevent landslides

  • Undergound filling for drainage

  • de-ice for under the bridge and roadway

  • Plaster Rendering

  • Lightweight insulated floor and wall production in the steel construction system

  • Single storey building loadbearing wall



Technical Data

Dry Density : 300 kg/m³ — 350 kg/m³
Heat Counductivity : 0,050 w/mk - 0,060 w/mk
Fire Resistant : DIN 4102 A class              Setting time: Start after 35 minutes

Application tickness: First Coat 3 cm+ Finish coat 0,5 cm (or directly acrylic paint)

Consumption: Render plaster 1,6 m²  with 15 kg, Mortar prepare: 15kg dry mix + 11 liters water



  • High thermal insulation, a 40% energy savings

  • Do not need to put sand in plaster

  • Reduces the loading of the building (for a m2 Lightweight Perlite Plaster :10,5 Kg , Sheathing polystyrene foam :18 Kg)

  • Perlite plaster takes a deep breath, fresh air in the interior provides a balance of

  • Perlite plaster thanks to the micro air bubbles can be easily handled, As the adhesion ability of high, wood, metal, concrete, brick, such as is not easily applicable to the surfaces of building elements

  • Applying at one time the adhesion has a thickness of 3 cm

  • Dry perlite plaster has hard surface and doesn't dust

  • PERLITE plaster is as thermal insulation material for modern building . have in cool summers, hot winters.


  •  15 kg bag


Must be stored in original packing. Must be keeping against to raining and water

Shelf Life

Must be stored at room temperature as closed shelf life 1 years. Under appropriate storage conditions opened packages can be used throughout the shelf life if the package cover is well closed.

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