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Who We are? ARTRA was set up as facade cladding company of Glassfiber Reinforced concrete in 2007. Our R&D department has found a special foam agent (Herbal Resin Based Foam Agent) which is first on the world in 2011. At the same time needed equipment for foam concrete production then we started to construct machinery in 2012. From 2009 we have Machinery Partner CLC System company Our target is all time improve machinery technology with new design and engineering.


Purpose of Policy: Our organization's customer focus and satisfaction stakeholders.

Giving all employees leadership qualities, having qualified employees and responsibility with our approach Continuing Education,

Keeping the quality and efficiency principles in the foreground, with team spirit, working in the lightweight concrete industry by providing our customers with participation in business development, planned and systematic work,

Industry needs in mind, to pursue advanced technology, R & D and to concentrate on work,

Our approach is to decide based on the data, to comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System, to be focused on continuous improvement and differentiation,

Products and services in our work, to continue to respect the law and the environment,

Announcing our Quality Policy is to provide all of our employees to adopt our objectives.



Purpose of Policy: Our all kinds of activities negative impact on the environment during our take the necessary measures to minimize

Energy and use resources effectively and consistently take measures to conserve,

To comply with laws and other binding regulations relating to environment,

Adoption by all of our employees and the necessary announcements for the implementation of environmental awareness, conducting training and awareness-raising.



Purpose of Policy: New product research and make efforts to improve existing products, making cost reduction efforts.

To follow technological developments,

Benchmarking of competitive products continuously and to inform departments,

Information and collaborates with technology producing institutions,

The raw material for continuous development to follow,

Develop collaborations with suppliers of raw materials.

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