Full Automatic Block Production Line

Natural Stone With

Cellular Lightweight Concrete or Foamed Concrete

Lightweight Concrete Technology

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Full Automatic Block Production Line

Capacity: 20m3/h

Pumping Capacity: 20m3/h, Up: 60 mt, Horizantal: 100 mt

Electricity: 400v, 50hz, 35kw

Operation: PLC Software

HP-5 Semi-Auto Mobile Machine

Interlocking block With

CLC Foamed Concrete

What Can be Produced With Our Technologies

  1. Floor screed (350-500 kg/m3)

  2. Lightweight block (450-600 kg/m3)

  3. Wall panel (450-600 kg/m3)

  4. insulation plate (150-200 kg/m3)

  5. Cast in situ walls (500- 800 kg/m3)

  6. Lintel Block (600-800 kg/m3)

  7. Slab block (300-500 kg/m3)

  8. Cast in Situ 2 floor House (600-980 kg/m3)

  9. Filling Foundation (300-500 kg/m3)

  10. Other Filling for Insulation (350-500 kg/m3)

What're the Advantages of Our Machinery System

  1. Continuously Production Systems

  2. Automatic Foam Agent Dosing

  3. Can be used Stationary or Mobile

  4. Suitable Design for Labor

  5. Different Size Pump (up to 20 - 150 mt.)

  6. Don't let to Human Mistake

  7. Easy Cleaning

  8. Produce all Density (175-1600 kg/m3)

  9. Suitable transport size

What We Supply All Over the World

  1. Machinery

  2. Genfil Foaming Agent

  3. Polgen Polymer Additive for Foamed Concrete

  4. Technical Supporting and Engineering